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August 09, 2004

(Eu)social death

I was checking out the naked mole rat cam (only to get the url to link to it for the 800th time; I swear I don't spend my Friday nights watching naked mole rats scurry about in Windows Media; please, you really, really have to take my word on this). Anyway, one just up and DIED right in the middle of the tunnel intersection.


It's so awful. Right now all the other little naked mole rats are freaking out, running up and nudging and pushing and climbing over the dead one, trying to get it to move. (Breathe, goddammit, breathe! Number 2764, come on, don't you dare do this to me now!)

After several fruitless attempts at resuscitation, they go off to get help. Then even more naked mole rats race up to assess the situation, and it's the same heart-wrenching drama all over again.

And pow, just like that, I actually have become a person who spends her Friday night watching naked mole rats in Windows Media. Sucks to be me, but I just can't tear myself away.

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